Unwinding wednesdays

[popeye] My Wednesday routine is pretty amazing. Maddy and I usually go to golf class, watch a dollar movie, grab lunch and then head to the farmers market. The Kress dollar movie theater was surprisingly nice. It does not have a huge variety of movies but they are pretty recent; some of them are still on regular theaters. The theater itself was unexpectedly nice and clean. It is definitely a good plan for students on a budget.
Hilo farmers market is really adorable. Wednesday and Saturday are the big market days. On one side, fresh exotic fruits and tropical flowers prevail all over with appealing colors; all for very reasonable prices. Dragon fruit, papaya, star fruit, rambutan, lychees, mangoes, avocados, ocra, white pineapple, Japanese eggplant, there is a taste for everyone. I do not have much knowledge about tropical flowers but I recognized orchids and adorable bonsai plants. The other side is dedicated to local craft, artistic items, decorations and jewelry from the island. You can even get a massage or grab a bite from “green papaya salad,” from the “Hawaiian Barbeque” kiosk or get a freshly made exotic smoothie.
We enjoy hanging out in downtown historic Hilo, but keep in mind that you have to do it before 9 p.m. because the town literally dies. There is an instrument boutique behind the farmers market where you can find ‘ukulele, ‘the Hawaiian mini guitar’, ranging from fifty dollars to unimaginable prices. Maddy bought one as a gift for her dad to relieve her own obsession of learning how to play the Ukelele, so far not so productive.
On the street stands a palm reader that off course read my palm. In my defense it was only three dollars. He assured me I was a really special person because I had a “world” in each of my fingers. According to him, only figures such as Jesus and Buddha had ten worlds in their fingers, fascinated he assured me that I was at their level; very entertaining. Besides the fact that I am almighty and have the power of healing, the guy was pretty accurate in my personality traits. 
Our hitch-hike skills are a failure. One of those numerous Wednesdays we were too lazy to bike and too cheap to take a taxi, so we decided to hitch-hike but completely failed and ended up walking over four miles. Our assumptions that because it is Hawaii it would be easy to find a ride were erroneous, at least that time.  It was a very fun walk though. I do not recommend hitch-hiking unless you are completely shameless.
I love my Wednesdays.

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