Waipi'o Valley "Curved Water"

Waipi’o Valley is so far one of the most beautiful places I have seen in a long time. We started with our descent on a really steep hike. It was quite challenging to stay upright and the unstable ground made it treacherous; a number of us roughly made it without falling. I sprinted my way down which freaked my coordinators out; but I found it easier than going slowly as I would stop and wait for them and then repeat my path. If you think going down was hard, imagine our way back up.   [popeye]
At the end of the steep road, the trail continues and turns into a muddy path where we carried on. At certain spots it got so muddy that we had squeeze to the border when cars were going by; or so that we would not end up mudded up front head to toes. We kept hiking and met a splendid creature; a wild, superb horse was standing in front of our eyes.  I know I am talking as if I had never seen a horse, but this one look particularly majestic. So did the other horses that we later perceived. The tropical forest scenery made us feel like in another island, country or world. The Big Island fluctuates in climates and possesses eleven ecosystems; you have to see it to believe it.
Once we got to the beach, the silver reflects on the black sand beach were hypnotizing and the view was incredible. The view of the immense mountains from side to side made us feel miniature in this massive world.
Although it is not recommended to swim in the ocean because of the strength of the currents; the whole crew ended up in the water jumping of the waves; this was an amusing workout. Alanna and I made it through psychological support; she saved my life by providing me with some water. We slowly dragged our way back up the mountain; what an accomplishment. It was a really fun and exhausting day. It is worth the hike down and up; although there is a shuttle that is provided if you really cannot do it.

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