Scuba diving is definitely my new hobby. 
Since I got PADI certified, I have dived a couple times and every single one of them has been one of the best experiences of my life. In the ocean, beneath the waves, a whole different world of serenity is opened up before your eyes.  Underneath the water, the stresses and preoccupations of your life vanish for a little while. My representations and depictions are not powerful enough to express this breathtaking sensation. Your eyes are captivated with the magnificence and splendor of the fishes residing in the open water. Gliding along the rocks, floating over and then gently descending on the other side of them is magical; you are weightless, you can fly.   Even if you do not perceive a crazy specimen, the beauty o f the natural world below is quite jaw-dropping.  I had not been so relaxed in a long time; the silence around me, only the sound of my own breathing in and out. It is a glorious sensation. We perceived an octopus, a blowing fish, all different kind of colorful fishes, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, brittle stars, turtles and much more.  The colors under water fade and the sounds are impossible to trace. It is another world.  The “A-L-O-H-A” sign welcoming us made “my buddy”, Maddy and I so happy that we decided to chant under water: “Pu’hala Pu’hale ea ea”.  We also created our own sign by necessity to express our ‘cracking up’ moments under water “L-O-L” with hand signs. We got 75 feet underwater although we were not supposed to go below 55 feet as we were not certified yet.
On September 25th, for the International Coastal clean- up Day, Maddy and I participated on the project AWARE Divers conserving Underwater Environments.  We got an unexpected certificate of recognition for our contribution to the aquatic environment that made us really proud.

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