Boiling Pots

Boiling Pots, my favorite spot in Hilo, is a magical place where bubbling, cascading water flows through the river. I heard many stories from Locals about people perishing in these waters that conceal long lava tubes, which suck up surface water and spit it out at the end. I still went there, jump out of every single cliff and repeated the action along with my roommate, Maddy.  It is located about 4 miles uphill from the University and 2 miles upstream from Rainbow Falls, another “Must see” in Hilo. 
This place is referred as “Boiling Pots” because during the rainy season, the river churns through a succession of “pots,” resembling a steaming Jacuzzi. Some of the river water flows beneath a level of old lava and suddenly bubbles up as if it were boiling.
Although forbidden, we adventured there with my roommates: Alanna, Maddy and Genevieve. The “New Zealand” boys picked us up along with a local boy driving a truck. Gen did not jump, “not even for $5000,” but the rest of us did. We hesitated for a long time before jumping. The adrenaline rising to your head, your extremities shacking and your heart beating like a non-stopping drum is the greatest feeling. Once you let it go, you feel those “butterflies” stirring in your stomach and feel so alive. Just to mention, the first cliff was about 50feet, 17 meters.
This place is really delightful and mysterious. You can even find lobsters underneath a little cave; Maddy and I wanted to get one as a pet but it almost chopped her finger off. The panorama of the boiling pots is exceptional, serene and enchanting.  You have to be careful though because this fairy tale can quickly turn into a nightmare according to the terrifying anecdotes from locals.

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